Countdown to Christmas #12: Christmas Tag

Is it just me or are there not very many fashion/beauty tags on the blogosphere? It’s such a shame because I love doing tags. This is a pretty old one and I’ve looked to see who created it but can’t find it unfortunately. However, I discovered it through Freddy My Love’s channel, which you can watch here.


1. What’s your favourite holiday movie?

I love Christmas movies. There’s so many that I watch every year, namely A Nightmare Before Christmas (although I tend to watch that at Halloween), Love, Actually, which is just such a funny film and never gets old, and of course A Muppets’ Christmas Carol. (“There goes Mr Humbug, there goes Mr Grim…”)


However, my all-time favourite Christmas film HAS to be Miracle on 34th Street, the remake with Richard Attenborough. (I’ve never seen the old one, is it worth it?) I just love the story behind it, and I always get really emotional, especially when everyone is rallying around Kris Kringle and wearing the ‘I believe’ badges.

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Countdown to Christmas #7: Winter Workwear – How To Look Smart and Stay Cosy

Most girls don’t get excited about choosing their work clothes, but for me the office is a great place to play with my style. This is partly because of my figure – I look best in tailored clothes – but also because I spend the majority of my time at work so I want to have fun with my outfits. At the weekend, I’m either wrapped up in a dressing gown or I’m out in jeans and a t-shirt. (I’m not good at casual outfits.)

I do struggle in winter, though, because like everyone else I just want to stay warm. I hate getting out of bed, especially on those really bitter days, so often in winter I’ll layer up socks and trousers and a massive jumper and head out the door. It means I’m warm, but it’s not very chic and I don’t look particularly smart either.

Screen Shot 2017-08-20 at 22.39.44.png My first tip is to get hold of some heeled ankle boots. They don’t need to be high, but they should give you some lift so that your outfit looks that little bit more polished. Buy block heels for comfort, especially if you travel by bus – what about these beige and black block heel boots from River Island? You could show off the colour-blocking with a skirt and opaque tights, or if it’s a colder day they’ll add some interest peeking out under trousers.

When shopping for the perfect pair of ankle boots, make sure you look for soles with good grip. We don’t always get snow but it’s often icy and you don’t want to go head-over-heels (what a horrible way to start your day!). These Dr. Marten Persephone Aunt Sally boots would work a treat.

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Countdown to Christmas #2: Gift Guide for Women

Yesterday I gave you some ideas for men’s gifts, so today we’re moving on to treats for women instead. I love buying presents for the women in my life, because most of us are all into the same things so it’s pretty much like shopping for myself.

Don’t forget, I will be writing a blog post every day until the 25th December, all around a Christmas or winter subject.


For lazy girls, a mermaid blanket is the BOMB. I can’t think of any girl I know who wouldn’t smile if she received this gift. These are really affordable on Amazon and come in all different colours. It’d also be a great gift for a little girl.

Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 14.24.49

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Countdown to Christmas #1: Gift Guide for Men

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my new Christmas blog series – my Christmas Countdown. This is starting on 1st December (today!) and finishing on Christmas Day, so that’s 25 blog posts in total, all with a Christmas or wintery theme.

Today’s post is hopefully going to help people who are struggling to buy presents for the men in their lives, whether that’s a partner, a parent or a friend. I do find men’s gifts harder to buy, and I find women really easy to shop for, though I’m sure most men would say it’s the other way around!

I collect Christmas gift ideas throughout the year and save them on Pinterest, so if you want to plan ahead for next year as well, then follow me at ERusson21.


Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 13.32.13.pngFor the TV and film lover in your life, head down to HMV and get yourself some box-sets. I tend to buy old British sitcoms for my dad. Last year, I got him the Scottish comedy series, Still Game, and he absolutely loved it. The old sitcoms are often on offer as well, so they won’t set you back too much. If you have a comedy-lover in your life too, some gems that he will almost certainly be pleased to receive include The Office, Only Fools and Horses, Blackadder and Dad’s Army.

Other, less humorous, box-sets include Game of Thrones, Vikings or film box-sets like Saw.

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How to Spend Less and Save More

I’ve gotten a lot better with money lately. I’m not so much of a spendaholic now, though I’m still a shopaholic – I waste so many hours scrolling through ASOS or wandering around the shops. I have finally gotten more sensible with spending, and have always been pretty good at saving. I thought I’d share my tips on how to curb your spending and good ways to save for the future without feeling like you’ll have less money in the present day.

1. The 52-Week Money Challenge.

I’m not sure who came up with this but it’s genius. The difficulty with saving is that, in order to save lots of money quickly, you have to affect your main bank balance quite drastically. With the 52-Week Money Challenge, you put £1 in the first week, then £2 the second, making £3. Then you put £3 in the next week, making £6. You go up week by week, and by the 52nd week of the year you’ve saved £1378!

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Getting my Wardrobe Winter-Ready

Technically Winter is still quite far away, but in England the lines between Autumn and Winter are pretty blurred. Autumnal fashion is stunning, but I’m already starting to think about the bitter cold that won’t be too far behind.

This post is a mix of things I’ve already bought to get ready for Autumn/Winter, and things I’d like to buy.


Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 18.31.32I’ve already bought this pink high-necked jumper from Jack Wills which fits snugly and is going to look fab with high-waisted skirts, thick tights and boots. I’m going to try to inject a bit of colour into my winter wardrobe this year, preferably pink and of course burgundy, the ultimate Christmas colour.

This jumper is quite thin so it’ll be a great transitional piece, but with a scarf and jacket layered on top it should also see me through winter. It’ll be great for workwear too. I’m looking for a few jumpers in neutral colours too, as the ones I wore last year are a bit tired and tatty.

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£50 Friday: New Look Crop ‘n’ Culottes

I love me some alliteration, so I thought I’d start doing £50 Friday, a post where I hunt down a whole outfit for £50 or less. I can’t go clothes-shopping or even browsing every week because my bank balance will not thank me, so I’ll be doing this on the first Friday of every other month.

Obviously if you go somewhere like Primark, you could find quite a few outfits for under £50. However, I want to find outfits that look expensive despite being budget-friendly. You can find the odd gem in Primark and, contrary to popular opinion, I find their clothes do last, but usually you can tell the quality isn’t great. I also want to find outfits that are timeless, and Primark does tend to prioritise ‘fast fashion’ – as do most high street shops, but Primark do it more than most due to their low price-point.

Today I’m showing you an outfit I found in New Look, which is usually another big offender when it comes to fast fashion.

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